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21 Jan 2022
by dimoda

It defines an unordered mapping of unique keys to values. Dictionaries are indexed by keys, and the values can be any valid Python data type (even a user-defined class). Notably, dictionaries are mutable, which means they can be modified. A dictionary is created with curly braces and indexed using the square bracket notation.

Then, we will use a for loop to go through the index values and print them out. Dictionary comprehensions provide a more compact and elegant way to create a dictionary, and also, a new dictionary can be created from existing dictionaries.

OpenCV Python Tutorial: Computer Vision With OpenCV In Python

Write a one-liner that will count the number of capital letters in a file. Some of the majorly used python libraries are – Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn and many more. Elements can be added to an array using theappend(),extend()and theinsert functions. To delete a file in Python, you need to import the OS Module.

python developer interview questions

Recursion is a function calling itself one or more times in it body. One very important condition a recursive function should have to be used in a program is, it should terminate, else there would be a problem of an infinite loop. We can use the capitalize() function to capitalize the first character of a string. If the first character is already in the capital then it returns the original string. This method returns all the available keys in the dictionary. A pandas groupby is a feature supported by pandas that are used to split and group an object. Like the sql/mysql/oracle groupby it is used to group data by classes, and entities which can be further used for aggregation.

Explain what is the common way for the Flask script to work?

Typically, you can expect an on-site and/or take-home coding challenge. In addition, you will likely also be asked Python interview questions that assess essential soft skills, such as communication and teamwork. Arithmetic Operators perform various arithmetic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, %modulus, exponent, etc. There are various methods for arithmetic calculation in Python, like you can use the eval function, declare variable & calculate, or call functions. In the dictionary, you can easily sort the elements.

Of course, all the passing around adds overhead to the execution. Thread Is a functionality or logic which can execute simultaneously along with the other part of the program.

Q91. Explain the use of session in Django framework?

The class keyword in Python is used to construct a class. The Global Interpreter Lock is a Python concept . Only one of your ‘threads’ can execute at a moment, thanks to the GIL. A thread obtains the GIL, performs some work, and then passes the GIL to the following thread. In Python, the split() function is used to split a string. Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn, and many other Python libraries are widely used. Python sequences are indexed, and they include both positive and negative values.

python developer interview questions

A python module is created by saving a file with the extension of .py. This file will have classes and functions that are reusable in the code as well as across modules. Inheritance gives the power to a class to access all attributes and methods of another class. It aids in code reusability and helps the developer to maintain applications without redundant code. The class inheriting from another class is a child class or also called a derived class. The class from which a child class derives the members are called parent class or superclass. Memory management in Python is handled by the Python Memory Manager.

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One major difference between a tuple and a dictionary is that a dictionary is mutable while a tuple is not. Meaning the content of a dictionary can be changed without changing its identity, but in a tuple, that’s not possible. Merging depends on the type and fields of different dataframes being merged. If data has similar fields data is merged along axis 0 else they are merged along axis 1. Before going through the questions, here’s a quick video to help you refresh your memory on Python.

  • You can also take a look at courses like Python for Data Structures, Algorithms, and Interviews.
  • But, negative indexing allows us to access the index from the end of the list.
  • Python, on the other hand, may be used as both a procedural and structured language.
  • The attribute df.empty is used to check whether a pandas data frame is empty or not.

Lists- A list is an ordered collection of values, and we declare it using how to become a python developer square brackets. Q. Explain the use of the ‘nonlocal’ keyword in Python.

Write a python program to print the factorial of a number.

Deep copy makes execution of the program slower due to making certain copies for each object that is been called. This means that any program can be solved in python by creating an object model. However, Python can be treated as a procedural as well as structural language. However, this is not the case in Java where it’s optional. All code within loops, classes, functions, etc is specified within an indented block.

python developer interview questions

Python developers use pip to install and manage Python packages. This question allows you to show the interviewer that you have experience using a specific tool in Python development. If you’ve used pip before, explain how you did so. If you haven’t used it before, describe your understanding of what it is and why you would need it. Python developers are able to make dynamic edits, edits of the module during the runtime. The keyword self defines an instance or object of a class and helps to differentiate between methods and attributes of a class.

How do we reverse a list in Python?

The programmer does not have access to this private heap. The python interpreter takes care of this instead. The list data structure of python is very highly efficient and is capable of performing various functions. But, they have severe limitations when it comes to the computation of vectorized operations which deals with element-wise multiplication and addition. This is where the NumPy arrays come into the picture as all the limitations of python lists are handled in NumPy arrays.

What are test codes?

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