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09 Aug 2016
by myDiModa

Asos & ShopStyle added to myDiModa

We have been busy in the lab working on exciting changes to make myDiModa even better for you.

Be sure to check out our just-released updated version of myDiModa.  New enhancements designed just for you include an introduction to the app, social media sharing, updating your wardrobe and even more shopping choices from and

We’ve heard the feedback from our international users, and so we have simplified our “Help” features to help users “Hang Up” items, create “Style Me” options and “Purchase” items now from our partners.  Now, when you install the app, easy-to-follow screen shots will help guide you through your myDiModa experience.

We are also excited to announce two new shopping partners: Asos and ShopStyle, in addition to  We heard your feedback that you would like even more shopping options, and these newest partners will bring you even more instant purchasing options to help build your wardrobe.

You can share your look on your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram).  No more being an unintended twin with you buddies are you go out, share your look with them.

We added in newer ways to add in more items into your wardrobe.  You can select from images you have already taken.  You can select up to 12 images and select the items you are wearing in those pictures to create your digital wardrobe.  Or Fabian Moreau Youth Jerseys take individual pictures of each item.  Either way, its fun and fast.

myDiModa dresses you with items from your existing wardrobe, while offering additional purchasing suggestions from,, and  myDiModa uses innovative artificial intelligence to improve your look with what you have, while making sure that new purchases can be easily integrated into wardrobe, so you don’t waste time or money shopping.  myDiModa will keep you in style.

If you haven’t downloaded myDiModa yet, what are you waiting for?!  Now is a great time to begin to create your fall and back-to-school style.   You can download myDiModa from Google Play and the Apple App Store.


Founder, myDiModa 

31 Jul 2015
by myDiModa

Shopping made easy with myDiModa

We are so excited about the newest version of myDiModa – now you can purchase new items to add to your wardrobe right from the app!   How is this different than buying clothes in a store?

How many times have you stood in the store, looking at a shirt, trying to decide if it would work for you or match something you had at home…only to buy it and take it home and realize it was way off base and spend time to return the item?  I’m sure that sounds familiar.

Or, if you use of the popular clothing box shipment companies that sends you products each month, does it leave you trying to figure out how to incorporate the items into your wardrobe or style them?

Problem Solved.

Now you can search for an item, brand and price point that works for you on Amazon right from within myDiModa.  If you see an item you like, myDiModa will identify its pattern and color with our patent pending process.  Then, with the help of our fashion-savvy Artificial Intelligence, myDiModa will make sure the item, a shirt for example, is not too much like anything you already own.  Successful confirmation of this leads the AI to make a purchase recommendation if the new item improves your overall look and you can wear it multiple ways.

Join myDiModa today.  Uploading your wardrobe is quick and fun.  Watch the Artificial Intelligence engine style you with items from your own wardrobe.  Confidently and easily update your look while easily purchasing items from Amazon’s large selection of clothing right from the app.  Watch for more choices for in-app purchasing coming soon!



Founder, myDiModa

16 Jun 2015
by myDiModa

A Very Exciting Day! NewsWatchTV AppWatch Feature!

Today, June 16, 2016 is an exciting day at the HQ for myDiModa. NewsWatchTV, which runs on The Discovery Network, is featuring myDiModa in their NewsWatchTV AppWatch segment. The theme of the show is Dads & Grads, a perfect show theme for myDiModa marketing.

I am also excited to announce the new version of the myDiModa app.  The Android version is approved and available in Google Play. We are still waiting on Apple approval, which should happen shortly.

What’s new in the app?

  • Intro help screens, for our new users to learn to navigate the app
  • Demo clothes, so you can play with the app to see how it works before adding in your own wardrobe
  • Re-rate your look after 24 hours, to teach the system if it was a great look or a miss
  • Purchase items through the app via Amazon, with the app cautioning if you have similar items and then giving you recommendation if the item makes your overall style better
  • Some bug fixes along the way

I hope you are enjoying getting yourself styled, it has done wonders for me and my confidence. I am not only a spokesmen, I am also a user.

Send me selfies of your favorite myDiModa styles and we will feature you on the website and twitter.  Send to, we look forward to seeing your myDiModa style.

Here is the video for those who missed it.


Founder, myDiModa

25 Mar 2015
by myDiModa

Welcome to myDiModa


Hello world.
My name is Terrence and I have a style problem.
I have been styling with myDiModa for 4 months now.
myDiModa solved my problem.
I am hoping you will soon be styling with myDiModa too.

My journey began with trying to figure out what clothes to wear for events. I owned many items with color and patterns that were difficult for me to style. I would ask my girlfriend to help, but this drove her crazy. I took mobile pictures, sent to friends, and ask them what to wear or ask them to validate my choices, only to realize that I was completely wrong. The final problem showed up when it was time to buy new clothes, as I did not know how it would fit within my wardrobe. I even searched “Garanimals for adults.”

Matching was a big challenge. Nothing I said above was about if it was current / trendy / timely.

Enter myDiModa (DiModa = Fashion in Italian). A unique app that solves all of these problems with smart technology. Take pictures of your clothes, and the app will determine pattern and color automatically! Log the clothing item as something that can be “formal attire” or only “casual”. Then lets style.

When you style, pick your event: Casual (trousers & shirt), After 5 (trousers, shirt, & jacket, or suit with formal items only), or Formal (trousers, shirt, jacket, suit, tie with formal items only). myDiModa will give you a look that is fashion-trendy. You can “like” or “dislike” this look. myDiModa learns from its users and offers specially personalized looks from your wardrobe.

I can now express myEnergy and myStyle daily thanks to myDiModa. Join me in a new direction.

Apple App Store:


Welcome to a pocket stylist.

myEnergy. myStyle. MyDiModa.

Founder, myDiModa

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