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31 Jul 2015
by myDiModa

We are so excited about the newest version of myDiModa – now you can purchase new items to add to your wardrobe right from the app!   How is this different than buying clothes in a store?

How many times have you stood in the store, looking at a shirt, trying to decide if it would work for you or match something you had at home…only to buy it and take it home and realize it was way off base and spend time to return the item?  I’m sure that sounds familiar.

Or, if you use of the popular clothing box shipment companies that sends you products each month, does it leave you trying to figure out how to incorporate the items into your wardrobe or style them?

Problem Solved.

Now you can search for an item, brand and price point that works for you on Amazon right from within myDiModa.  If you see an item you like, myDiModa will identify its pattern and color with our patent pending process.  Then, with the help of our fashion-savvy Artificial Intelligence, myDiModa will make sure the item, a shirt for example, is not too much like anything you already own.  Successful confirmation of this leads the AI to make a purchase recommendation if the new item improves your overall look and you can wear it multiple ways.

Join myDiModa today.  Uploading your wardrobe is quick and fun.  Watch the Artificial Intelligence engine style you with items from your own wardrobe.  Confidently and easily update your look while easily purchasing items from Amazon’s large selection of clothing right from the app.  Watch for more choices for in-app purchasing coming soon!



Founder, myDiModa

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