A Very Exciting Day! NewsWatchTV AppWatch Feature!

16 Jun 2015
by myDiModa

Today, June 16, 2016 is an exciting day at the HQ for myDiModa. NewsWatchTV, which runs on The Discovery Network, is featuring myDiModa in their NewsWatchTV AppWatch segment. The theme of the show is Dads & Grads, a perfect show theme for myDiModa marketing.

I am also excited to announce the new version of the myDiModa app.  The Android version is approved and available in Google Play. We are still waiting on Apple approval, which should happen shortly.

What’s new in the app?

  • Intro help screens, for our new users to learn to navigate the app
  • Demo clothes, so you can play with the app to see how it works before adding in your own wardrobe
  • Re-rate your look after 24 hours, to teach the system if it was a great look or a miss
  • Purchase items through the app via Amazon, with the app cautioning if you have similar items and then giving you recommendation if the item makes your overall style better
  • Some bug fixes along the way

I hope you are enjoying getting yourself styled, it has done wonders for me and my confidence. I am not only a spokesmen, I am also a user.

Send me selfies of your favorite myDiModa styles and we will feature you on the website and twitter.  Send to myDiModa@myDiModa.com, we look forward to seeing your myDiModa style.

Here is the video for those who missed it.


Founder, myDiModa

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